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Since 2014, HIMIO has offered exceptional 1-on-1 and classroom-based ENTREPRENEUR exposure and instruction in marketing, finance, business, and real life professional development and consulting services for students with a business plan. Our mission is to provide personalized training and tutoring for families, educators, and organizations so students can reach their full entrepreneurial potential and achieve their dreams.

Our programs offer holistic, student-centered guidance and business solutions for schools and community partners who value long-term success as much as generational results. HIMIO stands out from other educational consultancies in our commitment to quality, care, and increasing access to exceptional instruction and business professional exposure through big brother programs. Our partners are expert and passionate business professionals in their prospective fields with 10+ years of experience. HIMIO’s relentless focus on personalization and customization and our deliberately small and attentive team are just two reasons why our results are jaw-dropping and predictable, year after year. For more information about our mission, programs, or results, visit: HIMIO.ORG or @HIMIO_org


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